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                                      Wuxi City Keliyuan Technology Co., Ltd.(The Original Wuxi City Keliyuan Technology Co., Ltd.), founded in 1990, located in the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway Wuxi airport exit shuofang Industrial Park.


                                      The Company specializing in the production of various models Drawing Machine product line. Mainframe products straight wire-drawing machine series,water-Drawing Maching series,inverted vertical Drawing Machine series,rapid pulley wire-drawing machine series; auxiliary product line with a sharp rolling machine,hanging wire machine,welding machine,the general word-Ferry,detachable round of the word,the word round to line machine,or inverted vertical line machine,or trunk-line machine; the scope of application of low,medium and high carbon steel wire,tires wire,stainless steel wire,cord steel wire,hose wire,welding wire,steel wire and cable,wire,etc. of different types.


                                      In recent years the Company relying on scientific and technological progress, and constantly improve the development of updated products, in particular the protection of wire submerged arc welding wire gas production line complete sets of equipment focused on research and development,production equipment company market share especially in Changzhou, Jiangsu, Wujin wire production concentrated areas,80 percent.


                                      The Company may provide users from the project for the design,supply all the equipment to be installed and tested equipment, the provision of production technology, training operatives wait until full-service, following a "turnkey" project, we will provide you with the most dedicated service satisfaction services.


                                      Quality first, customer satisfaction is the company's will and purpose, the Company will do their best and rely on scientific and technological progress, and constantly blaze new trails, for users at home and abroad to provide updated quality products, quality service. We are willing to metal products industry experts for the fabricated metal products industry in China's development of common endeavor.


                                      Enthusiastic welcome new and old customers patronize!


                                      Lu Jiannan director of the Southern Mr.warmly welcomes you all old and new friends came to negotiate cooperation, and join hands to develop, create the future.


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